Darana Hybrid, Inc., a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with Native American ownership, stands as a distinguished international electro-mechanical contractor. We possess specialized expertise in the realms of food & beverage, distribution & fulfillment, and material handling sectors.

 Operating from our main office in Ohio, alongside several facilities across Tennessee, we deliver comprehensive electro-mechanical services across all 50 states, in addition to extending our reach to Canada and Mexico.

 Established in 1985, our company has carved a niche as a global leader in the electro-mechanical contracting domain, focusing on the industrial electrical and mechanical installations for machinery, processing, and conveyor systems within the packaging, distribution, processing, and food and beverage industries. Our team of professional millwrights excels in a myriad of critical services, including the movement, installation, decommissioning, dismantling, reassembling, precision leveling, and transportation of systems. Further enhancing our portfolio, our electricians, machinists, welders, and custom fabrication specialists provide tailored solutions that cater to the production, manufacturing, warehousing, and industrial sectors across North America.

Our Capabilities;

  • Industrial Electricians & Millwrights
  • Plumbing & HVAC Services
  • Commercial Electrical Solutions
  • Heavy Rigging Solutions
  • EV Charging Solutions
  • Solar Farm Solutions
  • Solar Lighting
  • Professional Disaster Relief
  • Metal Fabrication